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    2GIG GC3 - How to Add Photos to GC3

    *Only available on applicable firmware* Please see How to update my panels firmware

    1.  On a computer create a new folder called "slideshow"
    2.  Load up to 50 photos that are .JPEG or .PNG files
    3.  Copy that "slideshow" folder onto a USB
    4.  On the GC3 press System Settings
    5.  Enter the Master code
    6.  Press Screen
    7.  Find Screensaver and select My Photos
    8.  Click the Pencil next to the right
    9.  Once prompted insert the USB into the top of the panel and press Replace
    10.  Press OK once completed
    11. Remove the USB and press the back arrow to go back to the main screen. Once the screen timeout is up then your photos will begin to cycle through.

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