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    A recent email sent to many of our Canadian customers announced that we are partnering with a.p.i. Alarm Inc. As part of this partnership, Fluent is still responsible and committed to continue to provide the best customer experience to the customer base and to keep adding new customers to the Fluent family by offering the best and latest security & automation technology.

    What does this mean?

    This change only affects a minority of our accounts. If you received this email, then your account is one of those affected. Fluent will still be handling your customer service, troubleshooting, and service needs. While a.p.i. Alarm Inc will be focused on the billing aspect of the account.

    Who is a.p.i Alarm Inc.

    a.p.i. Alarm Inc. is North America’s largest privately owned and operated alarm monitoring network. They are based out of Ontario.

    Who should I be contacting when an issue arises?

    For any questions you have concerning your account you can email support@fluenthome.com or call us at   CA (587)844-5377   US (385) 832-9055.

    My billing date is wrong.

    a.p.i. emails you on the 1st of each month that the invoice is "ready". However, if you read through the email, it specifies the day that the payment will be on "x" date. You won't be charged until the proper billing date. The email is just a notification.

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