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    Fluent App - Set Notifications

    You are able to set a variety of notifications regarding your account that will help you stay informed about your system. You can set notifications for when the system is armed, or a reminder to lock your door when you leave the house. These can be set up through your Fluent app.

    1. Open your Fluent app.
    2. Click on the Menu(3 horizontal lines).
    3. Scroll down and select Notifications.
    4. If you have an android device, select Manage Notifications (iPhone users can skip this step).
    5. On the top right, select the +button.
      plus icon
    6. You now have the option to create a new notification or select one from the list.
      notification choices
    7. Once you have selected the notification you want, select the Add Recipientsbutton on the bottom.
      Recipients button
    8. Select who and how you would like to be notified, then press Close.
      Checkmark your choices
    9. Press Save.
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