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    Can just the tilt sensor be deleted and re-added on a Linear Garage Door Controller?

    No. The tilt sensor for the Linear Garage Door Control ships pre-enrolled to the Linear hub, and it enrolls simultaneously with the Z-Wave opener. As a result, there is no way to separately delete and re-add the tilt sensor.

    However, the tilt sensor can be re-synced with the Linear Z-Wave Garage Controller. To do so:

    1. Press and hold the link button on the Linear Z-Wave Garage Controller for 7-8 seconds until a short beep is heard.
    2. Open/close the garage door opener locally (with remote/wall button) so that the sensor moves. If it re-syncs, you should hear an additional beep. If it does not re-sync, factory reset the Linear Z-Wave Garage Controller and try again.

    For more information, contact the device manufacturer.

    Does the Linear Z-Wave Garage Controller act as a repeater on the Z-Wave network?

    Yes. As with most AC-powered Z-Wave devices, the Linear Z-Wave Garage Door controller acts as a repeater to neighboring Z-Wave devices.

    Does the Linear Z-Wave Garage Controller require a separate Internet connection?

    No. The Linear Z-Wave Garage Controller device connects with the panel via Z-Wave and is able to be controlled through Alarm.com with a cellular connection.

    How many garage door openers can be controlled by the Linear Z-Wave Garage Controller?

    Each Linear Z-Wave Garage Controller is able to control one garage door opener when wired to the GDO.

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